• For any registered users with no time limit
    • Scan QR code, save & share artwork
    • Up to 15 registerable artworks & exhibitions
    • One (1) Main ID*
    • Auto-create & update exhibitions/artwork listings
    • Separate QR code for admin (artist), exhibition & artwork
    • Printout artwork labels with QR codes
    • Access to engagement metrics & emotion feed
    • Convenient call for entry setup & participation
    • Customizable discount QR codes boosting artwork sales



    • For emerging artists, private collectors, etc.

    • Up to 150 registerable artworks & exhibitions
    • One (1) Main ID

    • Includes all features offered for BASIC plan
    • Designated reviewer settings w/ selective listing visibility



    • For established artists, galleries, etc.

    • Up to 500 registerable artworks & exhibitions
    • Up to three (3) Main IDs

    • Include all features of STANDARD plan



    • For museums, educational institutions, etc.

    • Up to 1,500 registerable artworks & exhibitions
    • Up to ten (10) Main IDs

    • Include all features of PREMIUM plan

    Custom Options

    • $4.99/mo. for additional 100 artworks & exhibitions

    • $0.50/mo. for an additional Main ID

    • $0.25/mo. for an additional Sub ID

    • Sub ID has limited access & control thus perfect for fine art students or affiliated artists
    • Custom options can be added to any one of the PAID membership plans

    • * Simultaneous access for a user ID from multiple locations is not allowed.

    • Note: Discount of 8.3% will be applied if billed annually. All discount rates shown on this page are subject to change without notice. If you are a government or a charity organization supporting artists/exhibitions in the form of a voucher, please email us at showandtag@shinehere.com.


    "To vitalize art exhibitions by enhancing communication between exhibitors and visitors."

    With using Show&Tag platform, a simple scan of QR code for individual artwork will instantly take the exhibition visitors to ample contents including detailed specifications, artist’s intentions and inspiring stories behind the artwork.  Real-time data on Show&Tag will help gallerists and artists to better understand how their audiences respond and measure the engagement level with each exhibition.  We believe that Show&Tag will narrow the communication gap with the audience, ultimately improving the exhibition experience.