ARTWORK : Printing

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  • Artist : na
  • Exhibition : Austin Pop Museum
  • Year : na
  • Medium : NA
  • Dimensions : NA
  • Type : Printing
  • Style : N/A
  • Tags : #na  #----- 
  • S&T Code : BYPP8U1
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    In partnership with the Austin Public  Library, Austin Museum of Popular Culture is very proud to curate and present this exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Armadillo World Headquarters. While the exhibit is being presented virtually, the original materi­als used will be available for viewing in person once it is safe for groups to gather. 

    Starting on August 7th, Freddie Krc and Leea Mechling hosted Zoom interviews with musicians who joined remotely. These interviews will be shared via the museum website. Freddie and Leea talked about the assorted posters that covered the walls of the museum at that time and discussed some of the shows these posters advertised. Hundreds of photographs have been digitized and were available for viewing in display books.

    All this and more are on AusPop's website: